Working with Templates: Update/Rollback/Delete

Kubeark provides a highly adaptable approach to managing templates, which includes user-friendly methods for modifying, rolling back, or removing a template. This allows for easy template maintenance, facilitating the development and management of applications with greater efficiency and precision.
We have learned how to setup our template groups and how to create template versions in just a few simple steps. Let’s see how we can update a deployment with a specific template version.
There are two ways of updating a deployment:

Option 1: Updating at the Deployment level

  • Go to Template Management and select Deployments - a list of all available deployments will display
  • Select the deployment you wish to modify by clicking the corresponding line item
  • From the deployment details page, select Update and here you will see a list of all available template versions
  • The Actions column shows the active template version on the respective line item.
  • From here, click on Update in order to activate a different template version
  • A new template page will open, allowing you to review and edit the desired parameters. Kubeark allows you to select your parameters (ipTarget, ingress, deployed_by, deployment_uuid, public) either from template, either from current deployment.
  • Once you have finalized configuring the parameters, click on Update
The same procedure can be applied in rollback scenarios by selecting a previous template version

Option 2: Updating at the Template level

  • Go to Template Management and select Groups, choose your desired template group
  • Within the group, select your desired Template
  • On the right side of the screen you will see the available template versions. The active versions are marked with a blue dot, as shown in the below picture.
  • Select your desired Template version from the list and click on Upgrade deployment
The same procedure can be applied in rollback scenarios by selecting a previous template version

How to Delete a Template

  • Go to Template Management > Groups and select your desired template group from the list
  • The list of available templates is displayed on the screen
  • The Actions column on the right of the screen displays the available actions such as: Edit, Duplicate or Delete
  • For deleting a template, select the Bin icon