Template Versions

The templates within the Kubeark support an unrestricted number of versions, however, only one version can be designated as active at a time.


  • Users can choose or create a new version from the Template Groups page.
  • Each Deployment is limited by the number of Templates available, which is determined by the license associated with the product.
  • Each Template can have an unlimited number of versions, but only one version can be active at a time.
  • Only the active version of a Template can be deployed.
  • Users have the option of migrating a deployment from a previous version to the active version


The following benefits are available when using the Kubeark platform:
  • The ease of which Templates can be moved between Groups enables users to manage multiple deployments without the need for rework, manual copying or duplication.
  • The ability to update all deployments associated with previous versions of a Template with a few clicks simplifies the application update management.
  • Existing deployments are protected by preventing the deletion of versions with associated apps, which ensures the stability and reliability of existing systems.
  • The dry test functionality allows users to validate a version's functionality before deploying it, lowering the risk of unexpected issues or failures. By detecting potential problems early in the deployment process, this feature can save time and resources.