A Kubeark Deployment is a representation of the desired state of an application as a collection of persistent objects in the Kubernetes ecosystem. These deployments can only be created by an active user or service account with the appropriate permissions to create the application in a cluster or multiple clusters using a specified template.
The Kubeark Application is cloud agnostic, and relies on a Kubernetes infrastructure, providing an enhanced version of a traditional Kubernetes deployment.
The Kubeark deployments allow users to deliver monolithic, containerized applications as multi-tenant by creating namespaced deployments defined in templates.
As an end-user of the Kubeark platform, when the Deployment is triggered, a user account can be created with limited standard permissions. This feature allows for a more efficient and secure way of delivering and managing applications within a Kubernetes environment.

Create new Deployment

Step-by-step guide on how to create an Deployment:
  • Under the Environments section > Kubernetes > Deployments. Press the Create deployment button to start
  • First, select the Template Group, then the Template and Template Version you want the Deployment to be associated with
  • Select the Create option based on your chosen Template.
    • The Template Name field will automatically be filled in with the name of the template you have selected. This field is locked and cannot be modified.
    • Select cluster: this is a dropdown whith all available clusters, allowing you to choosewhere the new deployment will be created
    • Name: Provide a name for your Deployment in the Name field. This is a mandatory field.
    • Namespace: this is a mandatory field
    • Schedule it? This toggle enables an additional field called Start time, which allows you to select the desired scheduled date and time
    • Owner: here you can add information about the deployment owner
    • Description: here you have the option to provide a brief description of the purpose of your deployment
    • Environment action: this is a dropdown where you can select between Manual, Stop and Terminate
  • Add Additional parameters
All attributes in red are mandatory
  • Press the Deploy button to complete the creation of your deployment.
Note: To create a Deployment, you need to have a valid Template created.