Platform Interface

The Kubeark Platform web application is designed to provide users with a user-friendly and efficient interface for managing and utilizing the platform's features and functionalities. The application is composed of three main elements: the Platform menu, the Features menu, and the Working area.
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    Platform menu: This menu is located at the top of the page and provides users with access to different sections of the platform. The Platform Menu is a navigation tool that is present on all pages of the Kubeark Platform. It allows users to easily move between different areas of the platform and access the features and functionalities they need. The Platform Menu is designed to help users navigate through different clusters, manage their own properties and preferences, and optimize the visual effects of the pages they are viewing.
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    Features menu: This menu is also present across all Kubeark Platform pages and offers you the possibilty to navigate through Applications and Settings
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    Working area: The Working Area is the central part of the Kubeark Platform web application and is where users interact with the features and functionalities of the platform. This is where the resources accessed through the left side menu are displayed and available for the user to perform their usual actions, depending on the user's rights and permissions.
    Depending on the user's rights and permissions, the Working Area can display different types of information and resources. For example, users with high-level permissions may have access to more advanced features and functionalities, such as creating and managing custom reports, while users with limited permissions will have access to a more basic set of features and functionalities.
Platform overview